New App - Contacts Companion

Contacts Companion to Complement Android Contact Application

Secure Operations: Backup, Restore, Export and Delete functions supported

Contacts Companion - Secure Operations: Backup, Restore, Export, Delete Contacts Data
Contacts Companion - Backup, Restore, Export, Delete Contact Data via VCard

Use Cases:

1. When you try another application which requires permission to access your contact data, you may want to temporary delete all your data.
2. When you suspect some app is copying your contact data and you want to deploy a honey contacts (similar concept to a honeypot)
3. When you do not want to use any of the contacts sync (e.g. Google, Samsung) and you would like to personally backup and secure your contact data


✓ Free, No ADs and No root required
✓ Simple to use, no manual required
✓ Supports Phones, Tablets, Android TV Boxes
✓ Supports Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie
✓ Good resource management, No frills, minimum RAM & CPU
✓ Backup, restore, export, delete your contact data
✓ Safe and Privacy focused, no servers and DOES NOT connect to the Internet
✓ No Android Permission required except READ/WRITE contacts
✓ Check the permission required by other similar apps and you will agree that this is the BEST app for a contacts companion app

Required Permission:

✓ Read your contacts - For backup, export functions
✓ Modify your contacts - For restore, delete functions

There are no other permissions, thus your contacts data will not leave your device, use by others.
Precisely there is no other permissions, we can export your contacts only via system copy. You can paste it in a notepad application or paste to an email to send for backup. We recommend using "Cryptography Tool" to encrypt your data before sending it over the Internet.

Coming Soon:

1. Replacing all contact names with random names
2. Replacing all contact number with random numbers
3. Multiple backups

How to Solve Android App Icon Showing Default in Oreo (API 26) and above

Problem: Android App Icon is not using your generated PNG images in Oreo, Pie and above


Using Android Studio, the IDE by default generated the use of adaptive icons in a new project. However, adaptive icons will only work for API 26 and above. So your app may be showing your generated icons blissfully until you tested on Oreo or Pie, where it seems to be defaulted back to the standard icon.

Standard Launcher Icon
Standard Launcher Icon

Standard Round Launcher Icon
Standard Round Launcher Icon

To solve the problem, you just have to delete the adaptive icons from the folder mipmap-anydpi-v26 and mipmap-anydpi by deleting the two folders.

This is because if a resource is found in mipmap-anydpi-v26, it will always take precedence if API level is 26 or more (Oreo). The next precedence is mipmap-anydpi.

So if you are not using adaptive icons, just do the above and your generated PNG icon images will be showing in Oreo onward.

Instructions on Using Surveillance - Find & Track Bluetooth WiFi Devices

Simple Steps to Use

1. Start the app to start scanning for Bluetooth devices around you. You can save specific device by clicking on the list of discovered devices, and you can change the name of the device to something you can remember.

2. Subsequently you can scan for only those you saved in your saved list. This helps to identify known devices you recorded previously.

3. The app also has another function called history. This will just record all the known devices every time you press record history. Every similar device will get their count incremented. This helps to identify devices that are always around you.

4. This app only runs in your device and does not communicate with our servers. There is no information transfer from your device out to anywhere from our app.

Explanation on Permission Required

approximate location (network-based) - for access for Bluetooth scanning

full network access & view network connections - for access for Bluetooth scanning

pair with Bluetooth devices & access Bluetooth settings - for access for Bluetooth setting